Monday, August 14, 2006

The Bold, amidst The Beastly -
48 Hours.
550 km of driving, which included 100 km of spine-tingling safari amidst the jungle. Muthanga jeep-safari was awesome.
150 kmph - The top speed which I touched.
6 hours of sleep.
2 fantastic forest ranges. Bandipur & Muthanga.
150 Rs. - The amount we payed to the forest gaurds as bribe.
26 Elephants, 15 Bisons. 100s Sambars & Cheetals, mongoose, rabbits, peacocks & ofcourse the 'Wild Frog' :-p.
1 Elephant chase.
A carcass - supposedly of a deer - which had been devoured by a tiger.
1 wonderful hill(Gopalswamy Betta). 'Twas Misty & windy with lush grasslands all around at the top.
1 hour Traffic jam. Yup!!! Bangalore is not the only place which has traffic jams.But thanks to some really good 'jam-busters', 'twas cleared soon.
1 awesome resort in the middle of the forest. With equally delicious food & courteous staff.[All for free : Courtesy-Ravi Pandian:-)]
1 outstanding performance by the Car..... Equally good driving by The Driver, may I add. ;-)
4 fabulous people for company.
Vishnu's ssssssshhhhhhing & sniffing ;-),
Vedu's excitement & energy,
Ravi's 'expertise' (The encounter with that huge tusker on ooty road & the drive back. Phew!!! That was very close.) & hunger for more,
and lastly, Seethu's Nonstop Nonsense(It didnt stop even when he was sleeping, & he was sleeping for most part of the trip :-p) & Nonstop Entertainment.
A wonderfull experience!!!!!!!!

I have never been on such a eventful trip, ever in my life.